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Our Journey

During our combined experiences as educators for many years, we noticed that there are many loopholes in the system which do not let students showcase their skills and learn in a way to progress throughout their life. Due to the constraints of time, the demands of ever-changing legislation and the increasing volume of targets within schools we were no longer effective teachers. We noticed that young people were being directly affected by the inability to deal with the constant deluge of pressure and expectations. They were not equipped with the tools to cope with such burdens.

So in 2017, we started Mindset Tuition to change the current trend and help individual students. We succeeded in our goal and served a significant number of students privately. Soon we came to the conclusion that it is not enough, and many other students/young people are waiting for something that can improve their lives and secure their futures. After more research of human learning process and direct experience of practicing these principles in the field, we found that Growth Mindset learning is the solution to improve resilience and enable individuals to succeed both in academic and employment settings.
We have started Mindset Educational Services with a dream to bring a change in society and eliminate stories of disillusionment of young people within the education/employment systems.
Our future plans are to roll out our programs to more areas across the UK and to showcase the importance of our work to enrich the lives of as many young people as possible.

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