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What our clients want to know

What do you mean by a growth mindset approach to learning?

Growth Mindset is a term coined by Carol Dweck who is a prolific figure in educational theory. We use her principles to enable our students to unpick their own approach to learning to see how it can be adapted to increase their potential.

Can you guarantee academic results?

No we cannot. Academic results are achieved through a number of factors. What we can guarantee is that we work with all of our students as individuals. We respond to their situation and current needs. If they try really hard and adopt our principles they will definitely see results – but it may be in another aspect of their journey which will all contribute to their life-long success.

How will I know if my child/employee is progressing?

We want your feedback about everyone we work with. Our reviews are from real clients who we have helped and we continue to reach out to more and more young people. If your child/employee is getting better results or producing a higher standard of work after their experience with us then we would see this as progress. We welcome any further ideas to make this even more effective for you.

How does your 1 to 1 tuition work?

Ideally we would want your child to be part of one of our after school clubs. However we realise that initial confidence may play a part in them being put off by this. A typical 1 to 1 session involves a highly skilled tutor coming to your house or location of your choosing and conducting a free consultation. From there we will discuss the options of how regular you would like the sessions to be and payment is to be made to the tutor who is delivering the session.

Are there any contracts?

For 1 to 1 tuition we do not work with contracts. We want an organic process where you have as many or as few sessions as you require. Our ideal situation would be to see the progress very early on so that you have as few sessions as possible with the maximum outcomes.

For our after school clubs we will discuss the details with your educational establishment and send a proposal for you to confirm. The institution will then be billed as deemed appropriate – half termly or termly.

For our events/workshop days we require email confirmation of a booking and then you will be required to pay upon delivery after we have invoiced your company/institution.