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Growth Mindset in practice.

As Mindset Educational Services grows and our client base increases and extends into after school clubs, workshop days and working with young employees in business I want to create the occasional case study to share with our readers.
Until such time I will continue to share my experience as I implement our techniques in my tutoring sessions…
During my 1 to 1 sessions I have been encountering similar experiences which have both frustrated me and vindicated my decision to quit full time teaching in a school. I have been frustrated by seeing the same story time and time again – pupils who have been high achievers previously but are suddenly struggling and are lacking the resilience to deal with this. They are feeling the pressures put on them by their schools and are getting more and more upset as they drift further away from success.
This is one of the key reasons that I had to quit full time teaching.
The pupils I have tutored have all started in the same way ‘I feel upset…I can’t do it…The work is too hard…The teachers don’t help me…’
Let me be clear – I am not getting at teachers; they are some of the most hard working and dedicated people I know and are in every way as much a victim of the system as the pupils in their classes who are upset. If we are hearing more and more reports of pupils in schools self-harming and more and more teachers quitting then there is clearly a fundamental system breakdown.
My current role as a tutor is a completely different experience – I have the ability to work more closely with my students and delight in the turn-around of their confidence, mindset and achievements.
What I have been able to do with these pupils is to unpick their learning and discuss with them what their issues are. Whilst every student is unique and I have to respond to that, I have seen a common thread with all of them: Their ability is not the issue! Using the resources I have gathered and the Growth Mindset theory which we believe in, I have been able to show them a different way of thinking. The greatest successes have been the pupils who have fully adopted the practices and rediscovered their ownership of their learning. The biggest key to this has been the time to discuss their thoughts and reason with themselves combined with the notion that something can always be improved.
Our parents have also responded really well to this and have been delighted to see their children confident and happy in their learning again. It’s a ridiculous business model for us at Mindset Education but our greatest successes have been the shortest timeframes!
My current record is 3 sessions! 
Our mission now is to spread the word and to get to as many young people as possible – that is why we have evolved our working practices to include after school clubs and workshops.
Looking forward to the next stage!
Until next time, Chris x

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